Archivium LLC


Conversion and Digitization Support

basic conversion

  • Bespoke conversions for small to medium sized institutions in need of outsourced services

  • Faithful conversion and/or duplication of audio cassette, photographs, text documents, video cassette, DVD, CD (multiple formats), 8mm, LPs, and Betamax according to responsible archival practice


  • Specializing in responsible archival practices for LAM institutions that require certain standards for internal best practices and grant requirements.

  • Restoration available for access copies


Advanced digitization

  • Custom metadata  and consulting on access options for digitized resources

  • All files transferred according to digital archival standards, using Archivium’s own AIP or the institution’s, to ensure and maintain integrity of digital objects after transfer.




Preservation Master: high-resolution digital file*

audio: 96kHz/24bit resolution, in WAV or BWAV format

video: Uncompressed, JPEG2000, or other format

film: SD, HD

photographic: TIFF, minimum 600ppi

text documents: pdf/a

Web-accessible: “lossy” compression*

audio: MP3, MP4/AAC, etc.

moving image: varies based on the needs of the institution

photographic: JPEG


Access Copy on physical media (optional)

audio: CD Audio

moving image: DVD-Video

photographic and textual: CD-RW


*all digital files include administrative, structural, and descriptive metadata as a matter of course